“Ann Carstensen’s…interest in referencing the ordinary…works with corrugated paper-the fragile kind…The paintings mimic the ‘60s Op art experiments of painters such as Bridget Riley.”

Pat Boas, Artweek

“…from the distance the wavy, repetitious grooves of the paper …seem to shift… While Carstensen’s work has always been eye-worthy, here for the first time, she is eye catching.”

D.K. Row, Oregonian

“A seductive tabula rasa…Carstensen is doing her own thing. ‘One,’ is incandescent in its power… If it’s possible for paintings like this to shine, this one does, and in the most meaningful metaphorical sense of the word.”

D.K. Row, Oregonian

“Carstensen weaves scruffy, textured surfaces…which oblige the eye as objects of meditation… …these are quietly seductive paintings, understated…”

D.K. Row, Oregonian

“Ann Carstensen admits she is “more interested in textures than colors… and her minimal palette reflects that. With her work the viewer becomes more involved in the textures of her media and the balance and shape of the lines than the symbolism displayed.”

Keith Halladay, Arts & Culture Fall

“Ann Carstensen loves intense color, minimalist forms and rough surfaces, and puts them all together for an effect of surprising intensity. ..”Mixed Signals” is one of the most resonant pure abstract paintings seen in this town in a while.”

Randy Gragg, Oregonian